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Academic Calendar of Fall, 2019

Academic Calendar
Classes start 20-Oct-2019,Sunday
Semester/Course withdrawal 23-Oct-2019,Wednesday to 27-Oct-2019,Sunday
Semester Drop and Course(s) Add/Drop 23-Oct-2019,Wednesday to 27-Oct-2019,Sunday
Semester/Course withdrawal 28-Oct-2019,Monday to 30-Oct-2019,Wednesday
1st Installment (Fall 2019) 28-Oct-2019,Monday
Semester/Course withdrawal 31-Oct-2019,Thursday to 04-Nov-2019,Monday
Students meet their advisors (1st time) 03-Nov-2019,Sunday to 04-Nov-2019,Monday
Deadline of Application for Credit Transfer/Waiver 06-Nov-2019,Wednesday
2nd Installment (Fall 2019) and Registration fee for Spring 2020 18-Nov-2019,Monday
Students meet their advisors (2nd time) 26-Nov-2019,Tuesday to 27-Nov-2019,Wednesday
Mid-term Exam 01-Dec-2019,Sunday to 07-Dec-2019,Saturday
3rd Installment (Fall 2019) 10-Dec-2019,Tuesday
Course Advising for Spring 2020 17-Dec-2019,Tuesday to 24-Dec-2019,Tuesday
Teacher’s Evaluation 25-Dec-2019,Wednesday to 08-Jan-2020,Wednesday
Students meet their advisors (3rd time) 05-Jan-2020,Sunday to 06-Jan-2020,Monday
Classes end 15-Jan-2020,Wednesday
Final Exam 19-Jan-2020,Sunday to 25-Jan-2020,Saturday
Classes start for Spring 2020 semester (Tentative) 26-Jan-2020,Sunday
Semester break for students 26-Jan-2020,Sunday to 01-Feb-2020,Saturday
Last date of grade submission 28-Jan-2020,Tuesday
Publication of semester result 02-Feb-2020,Sunday

Durga Puja 08-Oct-2019,Tuesday
Eid-E-Miladunnabi* 10-Nov-2019,Sunday
Victory Day 16-Dec-2019,Monday
Christmas Day 25-Dec-2019,Wednesday
* Subject to appearance of the Moon